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We at THE DIVORCE SERVICE take pride in preparing your divorce documents. The first step is to schedule an appointment by either coming into our office and filling out forms or doing a DIVORCE BY PHONE with your assigned Caseworker on an extensive phone interview to gather all of your information and agreements. A Divorce Consultant will explain and provide detailed information on our services and how to begin your divorce process. We will obtain your detailed information regarding you, your spouse, children, property, and debt distribution tostart your file. When your Divorce Documents are completed, you will need to sign and file them with your County Clerk’s office.

No, we are not an online company. We have real offices right in here in the State of New Jersey with real workers accountable for your document preparation and filing assistance. We service only the State of New Jersey with only New Jersey Court-approved documents completed and prepared for you. These are NOT forms or templates that you have to fill out yourself or download from your email. Online companies are often non-functional because they provide you with generic emailed conditions that often fail in Court and cause more aggravation and financial burden to the filing party. Our Company will provide you with 100% Court approved documents that are entirely executed and are prepared to be signed and filed to initiate your case in Court. It is a straightforward process that we simplify for our clients to make your divorce as easy and quick as possible.

You will receive different Divorce Ground options you can file with the State of New Jersey. There are four grounds to file under. Please refer to the Services Page.

Uncontested Divorce is how most people divorce when both parties have mutual agreements in the dissolution of their marriage. It's fast, easy, and least expensive where both you and your spouse do not need to hire attorneys and come to mutual understandings.

You are NOT required to hire an attorney to file your divorce in the State of New Jersey. THE DIVORCE SERVICE will prepare your Divorce Documents per your instructions to be filed by you in your county courthouse as a PRO SE litigant. You may hire an attorney if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreeable decision as to who gets what.

You must notify your spouse of the divorce in the proper form that the Court system recognizes, where your spouse is not going to be required to sign your divorce documents. You will need to serve on the spouse with the divorce complaint. This process is included in our services if required. You have the option to process serve the Defendant by the local Sheriff's office of the City/County/State where Defendant resides or by a private processor. The fee to serve is excluded from our cost; however, the NJ fee foracting by a Sheriff is anywhere from $24-$45, depending on location. A private processor can range from $50-$75. State fees differ based on State, and your Caseworker will provide all of the necessary information required to have your spouse served

You may file in the State of New Jersey as long as you have been a resident of the State for a minimum of 12 months. Place of marriage has no impact on where you must file for your divorce.

Everything that involves your children should be decided by you and included in your Divorce Documents.  You and the Judge will settle the matter in the best interest of your children.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on a set monetary amount, then you can request the court to calculate it as per the New Jersey State Guidelines.

You can include everything in writing into your Divorce Complaint (property, credit cards, valuable items). We will type your Divorce Complaint according to your instructions. You make all the decisions. You may divide your debt and assign it to either party.

To file for divorce in New Jersey, either one or both spouses must have been a resident of the State for at least one year before filing for divorce. The only exception to the one-year residency requirement is when the grounds for divorce are for adultery. In adultery cases, the condition is that at least one spouse must be a New Jersey resident for any amount of time, which can be less than one year.

New Jersey law requires a mandatory short hearing before the judge to finalize your divorce. You, the plaintiff, are required to appear. Your spouse is NOT required.

In New Jersey, the law requires you to serve your spouse with a divorce complaint.  If you do not know where your spouse resides, you may serve his/her family member.  If you absolutely cannot find your spouse, there are other options to finding your spouse.  You may need to hire an attorney for a court order to place notices in the newspaper to inform your spouse of the Divorce.  

Our services are 100% Guaranteed. We have handled thousands of divorce cases throughout the entire State of New Jersey. Our documents are 100% Court approved and are guaranteed to execute your divorce. Your assigned Caseworker will also be responsible for assisting you throughout filing your documents with the Court to assure proper submission of documents and finalize the divorce.

No. As long as you can get the documents to your spouse and show that they received the copies, it has no bearing on his/her location.  You can prove that your spouse acquired the papers by sending the documents to the prison/jail facility using the Sheriff's department in that county.  

Once your divorce documents are prepared and signed by you, they are then ready to be filed.  You will receive complete filing instructions and assistance from your assigned Divorce Consultant to help you file your documents.  You can choose to either mail your documents to your County Courthouse or bring them in person to expedite the process.  Necessary envelopes will be provided and labeled.

From the day you initiate a divorce file with THE DIVORCE SERVICE, you will be assigned a personal consultant that will assist you throughout your filing process.  You will have all the contact information needed to contact your assigned rep for continued guidance and assistance properly.

We have absolutely no Hidden Fees. The DIVORCE SERVICE'S non-refundable fee is $379 to prepare your Divorce Documents. You will also have to pay a court fee of $300 or $325 {if there are minor children involved} directly to your County Courthouse. THE STANDARD PROCESS takes 4-8 weeks from the time you file. If your spouse is not willing to sign, the process will take 35 days longer.

We offer RUSH SERVICES for an additional fee. This service can shorten your divorce process by 1-3 months, depending on your situation. Call our customer service to inquire about the different options.

You can request to resume your maiden name within your Divorce Documents. This is a commonrequest that we handle within our services.

You can include agreement(s) that you and your spouse have made regarding any 401K and Pensions that either party may have.  This is an ordinary matter that most divorce proceedings address. 

Due to the nature of our services, all fees paid by you to The Divorce Service are non-refundable. However, your documents do not expire; therefore, you may retain them for as long as you may need to when you receive your legal divorce documents.  If you decide to pursue the divorce, we can assist you with all of your documents at any point.

In New Jersey, the Court rule allows a low-income individual to be excused from paying court fees. We will provide you with a Fee Waiver Request Form which requires you to report your income and your expenses to qualify. If you feel that you are unable to pay the Court filing fee, please state that to your Caseworker at the time of your initial appointment via phone or in the office.

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