Real Testimonials from Real People

Thanks for dealing with me.  I first went to the office and then completed the entire divorce paperwork through the mail.  I switched address and the people here were very patient with my demands.

Jessica from Edison NJ

I’m glad I found out about you through a friend of mine you saved me tons of money and time.

M.Sapp from South Jersey

Everything went smooth with my div.  Couldn’t ask for anything more. service was professional.

John from Haddonfield NJ

No crazy fees and no hidden charges for additional forms or anything, like others may charge. I was dealing with an attorney that was trying to hassle for money every time a form was supposed to be filled out and then hit me with like $1000 at the end.  The divorce serv. just one flat cost and 6 weeks and I was finished.  Great Service. 

J.P. Camden County

This was easy, didn’t know I didn’t need an attorney for my divorce.  Settled everything myself with my spouse and filed with the Divorce service.  Very helpful, right there when you need assistance.

Terry W. - Willingboro NJ

My wife and I both came in and did everything with the consultant at the office, everything was ready in 5 DAYS.  4 weeks later we were divorced with no hassle.

J. Thompson - Cherry Hill

The service was very smooth. I purchased a weekly rush service and received my papers on time.  I reviewed them and contacted my caseworker that walked me through the signing process.  She was easy to get a hold of, answered my emails or phone calls.  I couldn’t’ve asked for anything more especially considering the cost. My wife and I held out on the divorce for 4 years because we couldn’t afford an attorney.  Thank you so much.

Brad Mason

Excellent service. The company was so easy to deal with especially because I needed so many changes done throughout my process.  Some were done straight through email and others via mail and it was easy and smooth.  Got my divorce in 6 weeks after I filed.  Im very pleased with the sevice, I recommended my buddy as well.

Nestor Sanchez - Union City NJ

I actually filed a year ago and then I put my divorce on hold. My caseworker was so nice and put everything on hold until I was ready.  I called her 10 months later and she got my file ready in 3 days.  I’m now divorced and it was smooth with any headaches and I didn’t have to spend thousands what the attorneys were asking for. Although I needed a lot of extra help and I’m sorry if I annoyed anyone at the office, but they were very helpful and I can gladly say I am now divorced. Yay.

Sandra Blackburn - Blackwood

Thank you for all your help. The lady assisting me from your office was very helpful.


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